It’s been a long time…

I know, I know… But a lot happen, but for sure now I will post at least once a week. So, where I’m… Yes, so I have a website, you are able to see the link in the menu… Soulmates, the first book of the angel series, is finish. I’m in the revising session… Which I have some difficulties but I know I will get there.

Also, I’m working of 5 short story, time travel, with Scots alpha!! That’s very fun… I will have probably the first book, April 2015, I will keep you posted.

Still learning, it’s almost a years now that I start that journey! So much that I learn, it’s unbelievable. I love all of it…


More work…

Well, tonight I write more in the paranormal novel I’m working on, I have maximum 30 page done for the May 10th since I will participate at the contest. It’s getting there I’m happy, I will have to work more tomorrow night also, but it’s enough for now.

May workshop and other

Well I can tell I inscribe myself in 5 workshop, I know I will be busy, but I think is worth it. So like promise here the list of it.

Language of Scotland at Celtic Hearth Romance here the link

Avance Plot and Dialogue Class at LowCountry Romance Writer here the link

Killer opening at Outreach International here the link

Layerying: not just for cakes with from the Heart Romance Writer here the link

And also I will participate at Golden Claddagh Contest from Celtic Hearth Romanche here the link

I know I will be busy but in the same time that will help me to advance my paranormal novel 🙂


Ok, after that the family will be settle for the night, it will be time to write… Yes!! I have to start my paranormal romance, the preliminary work is done. I have to do the first script.

I just sign for a few workshop for May, I will be a little busy and also I sign for the contest for my paranormal novel, I’m anxious put I have to start someone 🙂

I will put link later on, so stay tune 🙂

It is a start!!!

So, this is it!! The for post for my blog. We will have a lot of stuff but mostly it will be my journey to became a author. You will see my up and my down to that road 🙂 I hope you will like it, you will see a lot of thing change on this blog, since I will customize it very soon.